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C D S Model:

Developing the Desired State (Preferred Scenario):

At this stage, efforts are made to determine how the organisation or organisational unit, project or the programme would look like after making the changes. For preparing the scenario, alternative possibilities or preferred scenarios are developed by using techniques such as brainstorming, a variety of structured exercises or fantasy. Efforts are made to encourage both conventional and non-conventional ideas.

A few indicators or criteria are also established to denote the achievement of the desired state. These criteria would help within future to determine to what extent the desired scenario has been arrived at. The steps to be followed for that are listed given below:

  • Evaluate each of the scenarios through using various methods and select the preferred scenario.
  • Anticipate the difficulties likely to be experienced although deciding on the action steps to reach the desired scenario. Examine if appropriate steps could be taken and resources will be adequately available.

Or else, examine the feasibility of implementation of the further preference.

  • Re-work at the selected preferred scenario to make it more explicit and inspiring.
  • Ensure the commitment for the modification initiatives and resources, and the commitment of the key persons within the organisation and outside.

3.   Formulating the strategy/action plan to move the organisation from the current state to the desired state.

These strategies/action plans deal along with how the movement from the existing to the desired state would be accomplished. Therefore this stage would denote how the results would be accomplished. For this, a huge range of alternative strategies to reach the new stage or preferred scenario would be identified. Every alternative strategies would be evaluated and the appropriate strategy would be selected that would help in achieving the desired outcome. These strategies would further be translated in the form of workable plans.

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