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differences regarding Tiger Planaria and the Iridescent Phyllodoce

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Function of promoter in transcription, Problem 1: How many different ty...

Problem 1: How many different types of RNAs are present? What is the function of Promoter in Transcription? Mention different types of RNAs Discuss function of Promot

Define recommended dietary allowances for vitamin d, Define Recommended Die...

Define Recommended Dietary Allowances for Vitamin D? The recommendations of vitamin D are expressed as IU. 1 IU is defined as the activity contained in 0.025 mcg of cholecalci

Oxygen - factors influencing functions of nitrogenase, Oxygen - Factors Inf...

Oxygen - Factors Influencing Functions of Nitrogenase Oxygen is a strong inhibitor of N 2 -fixation because it blocks both the synthesis as well as the activity of nitrogenase

What are the positions of actin and myosin molecules, What are the position...

What are the positions of actin and myosin molecules in the sarcomere before and during the muscle contraction? Schematically actin filaments attached perpendicularly to both s

Name the molecules make active transport through membranes, Which are the m...

Which are the molecules that make possible active transport through membranes? Active transport is made by exact membrane proteins. These proteins are called "pumps" because

What are the lateral lines of fishes, What are the lateral lines of fishes?...

What are the lateral lines of fishes? The lateral lines of bony fishes are sense organs that extend along both sides of the animal body. They make contact with the environment

Name the classes into which the phylum arthropoda is divided, What are the ...

What are the classes into which the phylum Arthropoda is divided? What are the three main ones and some of their representative species? The three major classes of arthropods a

State in detail about dark adaptation, State in detail about Dark Adaptatio...

State in detail about Dark Adaptation Dark adaptation is a phenomenon by which retina and pupil react to decreased illumination. Test is performed using Goldmann-Weeke's adapto

Skeleton, biological significance of biology

biological significance of biology

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