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Describe the process of yielding and state the effect work hardening has on the yield point of mild steel

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Methods of constructing roads in marshy areas, Methods of Constructing Road...

Methods of Constructing Roads in Marshy Areas: The following methods are adopted for constructing roads in marshy areas: (a) Removal of soft soil and replacement with good

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Explain the Precedence Relationships a. Finish-to-Start - the most common, the predecessor activity must finish before the successor activity can start b. Finish to Finish

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Important parts of road pavements: Prime Coat : Application of a low viscosity bituminous binder over a granular base to fill up the voids. Tack Coat : Application of b

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Question In execution compression test for concrete , have to test cubes .Test cylinders be approved? Answer Essentially, results of compression test carried out by using cu

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Question What are major advantages of using top-down approach in basement construction? Answer The main advantages of top-down approach are listed below- (i) Stru

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A clay stratum of 18 metres thickness was found above a sand stratum when a boring was made. The clay was consolidated under the present overburden pressure. The hydrostatic pressu

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Establish the relationship among degree of saturation, soil moisture content, definite gravity of soil particles, and void ratio. The volume of an undisturbed clay sample having

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Question Why is concrete profile barriers planned with curved surface profiles ? Answer Safety fencings are designed to include vehicles in carriageway in that they a

Softening test point, the importance of softening point of a bitumen materi...

the importance of softening point of a bitumen material in the design of a pavement

Lintel, Classification of lintels

Classification of lintels

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