Write-allocate and no-write-allocate policy in a cache, Computer Engineering

(a) How does a data cache take advantage of spatial locality? Give an suitable example.

(b) What are the basic differences between a write-allocate and no-write-allocate policy in a cache?

(c) With the help of a fully labeled diagram, distinguish between direct and related mapping in cache memory?

(d) One example of a semiconductor memory is the DRAM

(i) Describe why a 16 Mbit DRAM chip is better being organised as compared a (2048 x 2048) x 4-bit array instead of 1M of 16 bit words.

(ii) Show a typical block diagram of the array, showing the row and column buffer blocks, refresh circuitry amongst others.

(iii) Approximately how many transistors and capacitors are required to construct a 4 MB DRAM?

(e) Describe two reasons why SRAM could be better than DRAM.

(f) Briefly explain how a multiple platter hard disk works.

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