Write a code to continuously rotate square about pivot point, Computer Graphics

Write a code to continuously rotate a square about a pivot point. 


static GLfloat rotat=0.0;  

void init(void);

void display(void);

void reshape(int w, int h);

void rotate(void);  

int main()





        glutCreateWindow("Moving squares");







void init(void){ 



void display(void)


   glPushMatrix(); //Push the transformation matrix to stack 


   //Translate the pivot point to origin

   glRotatef(rotat,0.0,0.0,1.0); // Rotate about origin


   //Translate pivot point back to its position

   glColour3f(0.0,0.0,1.0); //Set colour of square

   glRectf(-50.0,-50.0,50.0,50.0); //Draw square 

   glPopMatrix(); //Pop the matrix from stack

   glutSwapBuffers(); // Swap buffers


void reshape(int w, int h)

{        glViewport(0,0,(GLsizei)w,(GLsizei)h);







void rotate(void)

{     rotat+=0.1; //Continuously increse the rotation angle by 0.1



        glutPostRedisplay(); //send the current window for




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