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Working of Engine Lubrication System: The oil flows from oil pump into the distribution chamber, where it is divided into two parts. One part enters into the right crankcase cover and flows into the centrifugal rotor. Due to centrifugal action the impurities are collected at the periphery and clean oil goes inside the crankshaft to the crankpin. Through the opening on either side of the connecting rod at crank pin area, the oil flows up and lubricates piston, piston rings, piston pin and cylinder liner.

The second part of oil goes through one of studs to the cylinder head, hence it goes into the camshaft and comes out of small holes on the cam lobe area. This oil lubricates valve, spring, rocker arm etc. The oil also comes out from dowel pin, which has cam sprocket installed on to it. This oil lubricates the cam chain.

The working of the lubrication system of 125 cc is little bit different from 100 cc Motorcycle. An extra oil passage is provided which goes downside from oil pump and lubricates piston skirt and its nearby area. The second difference is the lubrication of gears on main and counter shaft. An extra passage for lubrication oil is provided to lubricate transmission gears.


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