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why use wmm upon gsb can be laid dbm directly upon gsb

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Open graded premix carpet, please tell me about gradation of open graded pr...

please tell me about gradation of open graded premix carpet

Explain plate loading test, Q. Explain Plate loading test? In general i...

Q. Explain Plate loading test? In general iron plates either 60 cm squares or 75 cm dia and 16 mm thick are used, size of plate should not be less then 1/5th of the width of f

Define the transmissivity and reynold number, Define the Transmissivity and...

Define the Transmissivity and Reynold Number TRANSMISSIVITY: (T) A measurement of the rate of groundwater movement through different soil and rock materials. For both confined

Dissimilarities in function b/w rock anchors and rock socket, Question ...

Question What are main dissimilarities in function between rock anchors and rock sockets ? Answer Rock anchors are used first and foremost for resisting uplift forc

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Explain Coagulation Surface waters must be treated to remove turbidity, color and bacteria The traditional sand filtration is not sufficient in removing bacteria, viru

Water-bound macadam road construction for unpaved roads, how can I come up ...

how can I come up with the research on the water bound macadam road construction

Distomat., write a note on distomat

write a note on distomat

Boundaries of rational method in calculating runoff, Question What are main...

Question What are main boundaries of Rational Method in calculating runoff? Answer Calculation of runoff is compound matter that depends on a lot of factors similar to ground

Test on complete bearings, Q. Test on complete bearings? Two bearings s...

Q. Test on complete bearings? Two bearings should be selected at random from the 'lot'. Various tests should be conducted on these 'test bearings'. These bearings should be exc

Process of installation of elastomeric bearing, The process of installation...

The process of installation of elastomeric bearing differs in case of precast vis-a-vis cast-in-situ girders. For precast girders, the bearing may be fixed to the underside of the

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