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Which treaty established by the United Nations

The UN Charter is a treaty established by the United Nations. There are three types of treaties: law  making treaty; codifying treaty  and  constituent instrument treaty. The  UN  Charter has features of all the three treaties. It introduced new laws, it codified the previous laws and lastly it established new organizations so as to implement the laws enacted under it. Article 2(4) of UN Charter is the most important provision, prohibiting the use of force. It states that the use of force against any other territorial boundary should be considered as a violation and breach of international peace and security. It is to be noted that the Charter used the term "use of force" instead of "war". There have been certain examples, where the states may not recognize each other, but still maintain a relationship of war. For example, the state of affairs between Arab and Israel. Similarly, during 1965, the arbitration handled the matter concerning dispute between India and Pakistan and stated it to be a situation of armed conflict rather than war, thus still considering the treaties to be valid between them.

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