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What specific languages can be used in SRS? What are the advantages of using these specific languages of SRS?

Ans. Requirement specification necessitates the utilization of some specification language. The language must support the desired qualities of the SRS- understand ability, modifiability, unambiguous and so forth. The language must be easy to learn and use.

For easiness of understanding a natural language might be preferable. Though formal notations subsist for specifying specific properties of the system natural languages are now most often used for specifying requirements. The overall SRS is in general in a natural language and when flexible and desirable some specifications in the SRS may use formal languages.

The main advantage of using a natural language is that both client and superior understand the language. Nevertheless by the very nature of a natural language it is imprecise and ambiguous. To reduce the drawback of natural language most often natural language is used in a structured fashion. In structured English requires are broken into sections and paragraphs. All paragraphs are then broken into sub paragraphs.

In an SRS some parts are able to be specified better using some formal notation example- to specify formats of inputs or outputs regular expression can be very useful. Likewise while discussing system likes communication protocols finite state automata can be used. Decision tables are helpful to formally specify the behaviour of a system on different combination of input or settings.

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