What is the objective of risk management, Risk Management


(a) What is the objective of risk management?

(b) Define the term risk avoidance.

(c) Define and describe the Methodology of process approach in ISO 9000.

(d) Describe Agenda 21.

(e) What is ecological succession and what are its 4 aspects?

Question 2:

(a) Define and explain the term ‘environmental management'.

(b) Describe the 3 principles of sustainable development and discuss how they interact with each other.

Question 3:

(a) Describe the responsibilities of an Enforcing agency as per EPA 2002 in respect of its sphere of responsibility.

(b) Describe fully the Environment Coordination Committee.

(c) Describe the emergency measures that need to be taken in case of a spill/environmental emergency as per the EPA 2002.

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