What is the intent of the singleton pattern, Basic Computer Science


Consider a University system which has several sub systems:

  • Student Registration
  • Module Registration
  • Time Tabling
  • Library System
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll
  • Accounting

(a) The library (dll) in the Payroll sub-system must make use of the library (dll) utilised by the Accounting system. However, the interface of the library used by both systems differs and they cannot be amended. You have been assigned the task of developing a small tool to allow the interaction of both libraries.
Identify and elaborate on an appropriate design pattern that is suited for this need. Give justification for your choice.

(b) Identify 2 other design patterns that can be used in the University system. Your answer should explain the use of the pattern in the context of the University system, its justification and structure or sample code for the implementation.

(c) (i) What is the intent of the singleton pattern?

(ii) Identify and illustrate how the singleton pattern can be applied in the University system.

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