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Q. What is the Future of Hyper threading?

Current Pentium 4 based MPUs employ Hyper-threading however next-generation cores, Conroe, Merom and Woodcrest will not. As some have alleged that this is since Hyper-threading is somehow energy inefficient, this isn't the case. Hyper-threading is a specific form of multithreading and multithreading is surely on Intel roadmaps for generation after Conroe/ Merom/Woodcrest. Quite a few other low power chips employ multithreading, including PPE from Cell processor, CPUs in Play station 3 and Sun's Niagara. Concerning future of multithreading real question is not whether Hyper-threading would return, as it would, though how it will work. Presently Hyper-threading is identical to concurrent Multi-Threading however future variants can be different. Henceforth, trends parallel codes have been effortlessly ported to Pilot Cluster, generally with improved results and Public Domain and Commercial Resource Management Systems have been evaluated in Pilot Cluster Environment.

The proposed enhancements in these architectures are as below:

  • Inter-campus computing
  • Further developments in Heterogeneous Systems
  • Faster communications
  • Management of wider domains with collaborating departments
  • High Performance language implementation


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