What is the basic need for bone grafting, Biology

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What is the basic need for bone grafting

The basic need for bone grafting includes situations like:

1. Implant site development- when the quantity of bone is deficient to surgically place an implant or to augment the existing infavourable condition to a more favourable prognosis. Eg. In sinus lift procedures, ridge split and graft, autogenous onlay graft etc.

2. In case of placement of implant in an extraction site where the distance between the socket wall and implant is greater than 2 mm.

3. In case of routine implant placement if there is a dehiscence or fenestration defect and the implant threads are exposed.

4. In case of socket preservation after tooth removal, the socket is grafted to preserve the implant site and prevent bone loss.

5. In periodontology, used to fill bone defects around teeth and for the support of membrane during guided tissue regeneration(GTR) and also for defects after root resection etc


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