What is the advantage of caching in a web browser, Computer Engineering

What is the advantage of caching in a web browser?

Like other application browsers utilize a cache to enhance document access. The browser places a copy of all items it retrieves into a cache on the local disk. While a user chooses an item the browser checks the disk cache before retrieving a fresh copy. If the cache consists of the item the browser acquires the copy from the cache without using the network.

Maintenance items in a cache can enhance performance dramatically- a browser can read the item from disk without waiting for network connections. For illustration, consider a user who connects to the Internet over a dialup telephone line. Though, a high-speed modem can transfer data at 28.8 Kbps, the effectual rate can be substantially lower this connection is noisy. At these speeds, retrieving a large item from a local disk cache, actually, local access can seem instantaneous when compared to internet access.

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