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Q. What is Stem-and-Leaf Plots?


A stem-and-leaf plot is a table that provides a quick way to arrange a set of data and view its shape, or distribution. Each data value is split into two parts: a stem and a leaf. You may want to think of the plant metaphor. The leaves all sprout from the stems of a plant.

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Example: The Hogan family is having a reunion. Aunt Marge is keeping track of the ages of all the family members that will be attending the reunion.

Create a stem-and-leaf plot to represent this data. Use the plot to find the minimum, maximum, mean and mode of the ages. How can the stem-and-leaf plot be used to plan the reunion?

Solution: Let the digits in the tens place be the stems and the units be the leaves.

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The minimum age is 3 years. The maximum age is 92 years. Since there are 24 data values, the median is the average between the 12th and 13th values, 35 and 38. The median is 36.5.

The stem-and-leaf plot can help the organizer pick activities for family members to do during the reunion. There are four children 12 years or younger, no teenagers, four seniors

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