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Q. What is Peri-Implant Disease?

The term peri-implantitis is used to describe the boneloss around an implant. This may be induced by stress or bacteria or a combination of both. Stress induced boneloss occurs without bacteria as the primary causative agent. Boneloss from stress or bacteria deepens, the sulcular crevice and decreases the oxygen tension. Anaerobic bacteria may become the primary promotor of the continued boneloss. An exudate or abscess indicates exacerbation of peri-implant disease and possible accelerated boneloss. Short term antibiotic treatment and aggressive topical application of chlorhexidine along with extensive professional and patient care is indicated and exudate persisting for more than 1 to 2 weeks usually warrants surgical revision of peri-implant area to eliminate the causative elements. Once the exudate is eliminated the bacterial smear layer remaining on the implant surface must be eliminated before bone can grow in close contact with the implant.

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