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Q. What is packaging?

What is packaging? Packaging means a coordinated system of preparation of goods (in this case, foods) for shipment, distribution, storage and marketing at optimum costs, compatible with the requirements of the product. It has a protective role as a means of ensuring safe delivery of the products in sound conditions to the final user at a minimum cost. Packaging becomes even more important when dealing with foods and pharmaceuticals, since a large amount of food products becomes inedible due to spoilage for the want of adequate packaging. Thus, to save the food from spoilage, primary packaging is of utmost importance, especially in developing countries. Packaging includes the art, science and technology used initially and during transportation along with the selling and technical methods and work processes related to the above preparations.

You may be aware of the various materials that are used for the packaging of food products. The packaging material is very crucial in the packaging process. What in your opinion is a packaging material? In simple terms, any physical material which serves as a covering, wrap or seal for an object or material is a packaging material. Selection of the kind of packaging and packaging material is based on the type of food that needs to be packaged. It also involves identifying the kind of equipment to be used and to label the package suitably.

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