What is inheritance in java explain with example, JAVA Programming

What is Inheritance in java Explain with example?

Code reusability is claimed to be a key advantage of object-oriented languages over non-object-oriented languages. Inheritance is the mechanism through that this is achieved. An object can inherit the variables and techniques of another object. It can remain those it wants, and replace those it doesn't need.

For instance, let us also expand the Car class so that a car also has a make, a model, a year, a number of passengers it can carry, four wheels, either two or four doors. That class might look like this:
public class Car {

private String licensePlate; // e.g. "New York A456 324"
private double speed; // kilometers per hour
private double maxSpeed; // kilometers per hour
private String make; // e.g. "Ford"
private String model; // e.g. "Taurus"
private int year; // e.g. 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, etc.
private int numberPassengers; // e.g. 4
private int numberWheels = 4; // all cars have four wheels
private int numberDoors; // e.g. 4

// constructors
public Car(String licensePlate, double maxSpeed,
String make, String model, int year, int numberOfPassengers,
int numberOfDoors) {

this(licensePlate, 0.0, maxSpeed, make, model, year,
numberOfPassengers, numberOfDoors);


public Car(String licensePlate, double speed, double maxSpeed,
String make, String model, int year, int numberOfPassengers) {

this(licensePlate, speed, maxSpeed, make, model, year,
numberOfPassengers, 4);

public Car(String licensePlate, double speed, double maxSpeed,
String make, String model, int year, int numberOfPassengers,
int numberOfDoors) {

// I could add some more constraints like the
// number of doors being positive but I won't
// so that this example doesn't get too big.
this.licensePlate = licensePlate;
this.make = make;
this.model = model;
this.year = year;
this.numberPassengers = numberOfPassengers;
this.numberDoors = numberOfDoors;

if (maxSpeed >= 0.0) {
this.maxSpeed = maxSpeed;
else {
maxSpeed = 0.0;

if (speed < 0.0) {
speed = 0.0;

if (speed <= maxSpeed) {
this.speed = speed;
else {
this.speed = maxSpeed;

// getter (accessor) methods
public String getLicensePlate() {
return this.licensePlate;

public String getMake() {
return this.make;

public String getModel() {
return this.model;

public int getYear() {
return this.year;

public int getNumberOfPassengers() {
return this.numberPassengers;

public int getNumberOfWheels() {
return this.numberWheels;

public int getNumberOfDoors() {
return this.numberDoors;

public double getMaxSpeed() {
return this.maxSpeed;

public double getSpeed() {
return this.speed;

// setter method for the license plate property
public void setLicensePlate(String licensePlate) {
this.licensePlate = licensePlate;

// accelerate to maximum speed
// put the pedal to the metal
public void floorIt() {
this.speed = this.maxSpeed;

public void accelerate(double deltaV) {

this.speed = this.speed + deltaV;
if (this.speed > this.maxSpeed) {
this.speed = this.maxSpeed;
if (this.speed < 0.0) {
this.speed = 0.0;
Obviously this doesn't exhaust everything there is to say about a car. Which properties you choose to involves in your class depends on your application. 

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