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What is Coupon Rate

Coupon rate is the stipulated interest rate to be paid on the face value of a bond.  It represents a fixed dollar amount which is paid periodically as long as debtor is solvent. Period could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Zero-coupon bonds are also common. Coupon rate could be a fixed rate or a floating rate.  Floating rate is generally pegged to a base rate (e.g. 1 per cent above bank rate) and fluctuates with fluctuation in the base rate. Coupon rate is fixed after the issuing corporation's merchant banker has weighed the risk of default, credit rating of the issuer, options attached with issue, investment position of the industry, security backing of the debenture and appropriate market rate of interest for the firm's industry, size and risk class. The purpose is to pick a coupon rate which is just high enough to attract investors.


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