What do you mean by reverse engineering, Software Engineering

Q. What do you mean by REVERSE ENGINEERING?

REVERSE ENGINEERING:-It is a process of analyzing software with a outlook to understanding its design and specification.

  • In this source code as well as executable code is the input.
  • It perhaps a part of a re-engineering process but may as well be used to re-specify a system for re-implementation.
  • Builds a program data base as well as generates information from this.
  • Program understanding tools (cross reference generates, browsers etc) may be utilized in this process.
  • Design as well as specification may be reverse re-engineer to:-

a) Serve like input to SRS for program replacement.

b) Be available to assist program maintenance.

Reverse Engineering frequently precedes Re-Engineering but is sometimes worthwhile in its own right. The design as well as specification of a system may be reverse engineered consequently that they can be an input to the requirements specification process for the system replacement. The design as well as specification may be reverse engineered to support program maintenance.

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