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Q. What do you mean by Bone Implant Interface?

It consists of remodelled bony tissue. For making it strong implant should not be overloaded during its organization period i.e. soon after placement of implant. If overloading occurs at this phase the remodeling process is disrupted and a poorly differentiated implant bone interface will develop leading to a implant failure.

All these definitions indicate there is contact between the implant and bone. It must be realized that there is never 100% bone contact at the implant interface. The range of percentages of the implant surface contacting bone matrix i.e. bone to implant contact (BIC) varies between 10% and 90%. Also, all these definitions indicate there is no connective tissue located between the implant and bone. It is important to note that with titanium, root form implants, the marrow vascular spaces contain connective tissue that should be considered part of bone since it is an integral component of cancellous and woven osseous tissue.

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