What are the various types of amplifiers, Electrical Engineering

Q. What are the various types of amplifiers?

Amplifiers can be classified as follows:

(a) Based on the transistor configuration

1. Common emitter amplifier

2. Common collector amplifier

3. Common base amplifier

(b) Based on the active device

1. BJT amplifier

2. FET amplifier

     (c) Based on the Q-point (operating condition)

1. Class A amplifier

2. Class B amplifier

3. Class AB amplifier

4. Class C amplifier

 (d) Based on the number of stages

1.   Single stage amplifier

2. Multistage amplifier

  (e) Based on the output

1. Voltage amplifier

2.  Power amplifier

   (f) Based on the frequency response

1. Audio frequency (AF) amplifier

2.Intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier

3.Radio frequency (RF) amplifier

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