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(a) The client is the person or the organization for whom you are preparing a document. List five main items you need to consider when dealing with clients.

(b) Establishing a budget for your client before you start will set limitations for your design and printing. List four areas that can affect a budget.

(c) When communicating with clients, you can easily misunderstand and be misunderstood. What are the four practices to ensure that you are meeting the client's needs?

(d) When dealing with audience, the needs and interests vary such that different groups may have different needs or be attracted to different types of design.

Describe how would you choose your design for a business audience?

(e) Images will create a mood, set a scene, evoke an era or place. List 3 types of images.

(f) Define Typeface.

(g) What are the methods of categorizing typefaces?

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