What are the causes of equipment failures, Strategic Management

Question 1:

(a) What is vibration monitoring? Explain, with examples, how can it be useful in industries.

(b) Briefly, explain the sources of contaminants which are commonly encountered in industries.

(c) What is Weibull Analysis? Briefly explain the steps to be followed for implementation and its application.

Question 2:

(a) What are the causes of equipment failures?

Explain the various stages that could be considered in determining the above.

(b) Explain clearly the trend of failure pattern which plants and machinery tend to follow.

Question 3:

(a) State and explain by means of examples, the advantages that can be derived from Outsourcing.

(b) Define Scheduling and explain where scheduling work needs to be implemented so as to derive maximum benefits.

(c) State THREE advantages and THREE disadvantages of Predictive Maintenance.

(d) What is corrosion? Give FIVE major harmful effect of corrosion that can be encountered at a work place, if not properly monitored and maintained.

Question 4:

(a) Explain clearly the SIX sigma of maintenance process.

(b) Outline briefly the FIVE Zero Maintenance concepts.

(c) Explain the importance of Reliability.

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