What are the advantages of dbms, Database Management System

What are the advantages of DBMS ?

1. Centralized Management and Control - One of the major advantages of using a database system is in which the organization could exert, through the DBA, centralized management and control over the data.

2. Reduction of Redundancies and Inconsistencies - Centralized control prevents unnecessary duplication of data and efficiently reduces the total amount of data storage needed. Removing redundancy eliminates inconsistencies.

3. Data Sharing - A database permits the sharing of data under its control through any number of application programs or users.

4. Data Integrity - Data integrity means in which the data holds in the database is both accurate and consistent. Centralized control could also ensure in which adequate checks are incorporated within the DBMS to gives data integrity.

5. Data Security - Data is of vital significance to an organization and may be confidential. Such secret data must not be accessed through unauthorized persons.

The DBA who has the ultimate responsibility for the data in the DBMS can ensure in which proper access process are followed. Different stages of security could be implemented for several kinds of data and operations.

6. Data Independence - Data independence is the capacity to modification the schema at one stage of a database system without having to modify the schema at the further level. It is commonly considered from two points of view: physical data independence and logical data independence. Physical data independence is the capacity to modify the internal schema without having to modify conceptual schema. Logical data independence is the capacity to change the conceptual schema without having to change external schemas or application programs.

7. Providing Storage Structures for Efficient Query Processing - Database systems gives capabilities for well executing queries and updates. Auxiliary files known as indexes are used for this reasons.

8. Backup and Recovery - These facilities are given to recover databases from hardware and/or software failures.

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