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Q. What are Hexahalides?

Hexahalides: S, Se-and Te react with excess of fluorine to give the corresponding hexafluorides. Fluorine being the most electronegative oxidises the other elements to their highest oxidation states. Therefore, hexahalides other than fluorides are not formed. In hexafluorides the central atom uses its d-orbitals for bonding. The structure of SF6 can be explained on the basis of sp3d2 hybridisation as shown below:

1356_What are Hexahalides.png

The sp3d2hybridisation gives rise to a symmetrical structure with fluorine atoms octahedrally arranged around the hexavalent sulphur as shown in Fig. 9.13. The other hexafluorides also have similar structures.

524_What are Hexahalides1.png

While SF6, and SeF6, are quite inactive; TeF6, gets slowly hydrolysed in the presence or water.

Te6 + 6H2O ---------------------à 6HF + H6 TeO6

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