Very simple workshop job and parts tracking program, PHP Web Programming

Very simple workshop job and parts tracking program

Project Description:

I want some software that will be very simple for mechanics who are not computer savvy. i want it to be windows based.

i need to be able to print a very easy job card with a barcode at the main terminal. at the workshop computer the mechanic will scan the barcode, enter his number/name when he begins the job. When the job is stopped (can be not finished) or when parts are used he scans the barcode again and enters the part number, or scans the barcode of the parts. When he finishes the job he scans the barcode and selects finished.

The workshop computer needs to report to the main computer the time for every job and the parts for each job. that is it. Maybe some simple reporting relating to the hours spent, from the main computer entering a job category so it will be compared for mechanics across days.

Skills required are PHP, Software Architecture, Windows Desktop, Software Testing

Posted Date: 1/30/2014 5:45:30 AM | Location : United States

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