Use of auger extension for extended screed, Mechanical Engineering

Use of Auger extension for extended screed

An improved extended auger arrangement and an improved asphalt paver with a tractor unit and a screed assembly including a main screed and extendable screed, having such improved extended auger arrangement, the extendable screed extending laterally outwardly from the main screed such that the screed assembly spans a width a substantially greater than a width of tractor unit. The extended auger arrangement includes a pair of opposing ,oppositely pitched, inner augers Rota table about a sub sequentially horizontal axis oriented perpendicularly to the direction of travel of the tractor unit and approximately spinning the width of tractor unit, and a pair of oppositely pitched outer augers , Rota table about a respective horizontal axes oriented substantially non perpendicularly to the direction of travel of the tractor unit and approximately spinning the difference between the width of tractor unit and width of screed assembly. Each of outer augers is drivingly and pivotally connected by universal joint to respective one of the inner augers. A supporting structure provides fore-and-aft support for outer augers


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