Two quadrant type a chopper or class c chopper or reversible, Electrical Engineering

Two Quadrant Type A Chopper or Class C Chopper or Reversible Chopper

The  quadrant type A Chopper  is also  known as reversible chopper   because  the polarity of the load current can be  reversed.

Mode I

When SW1 is ON  V0= Vs and the  direction of current  is shown  as figure  therefore current I0 and voltage Vo will be positive.

When SW1  of OFF V0 =0 but  now load inductor releases the energy and  current is  maintained in the same direction. In  this case V0= 0 because the polarity of inductance will be  reversed and VL = -E therefore.

V0 = VL +  E = -E  + E =0

Hence the Vo - Io characteristic is drawn in first quadrant  since both V0 = I0  are positive as shown  in figure.

Mode II

When SW2 is on Vo + 0 but current  will be  flowing from load  t oSW2  in negative direction.  Inductance stores  energy due to E2.

When SW2  is off Vo = E +L  di / dt exceeds Vs  and therefore  diode D is  forward biased and current  flows  from load  to source  through  diode D.

Hence  the Vo -I0  characteristics for mode II is  drawn in  second  quadrant  since Vo is positive  but I0 is negative  as shown  in figure.


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