Truss arrangement assuming the members are beams, Mechanical Engineering

Q2.1  Using the stiffness method calculate axial forces and the deflections of the joints of the truss shown in the
FIG. The truss was built using 50 mm x 50 mm x 5 mm SHS with  E= 200 GPa (approx).  (Neglect the weight of the
members).   Show stiffness matrices for each members and the assembled global stiffness matrix.  Show your step
by step solution.  Use a convenient method to solve the matrix (e.g. inverse matrices).


Q2,2  Perform the analysis  of the truss using ANSYS CLASSIC or STRAND7 and list the solution's axial forces.  
Compare your results with the calculated values.  Compare the time taken to perform your manual calculation
and for the FEA analysis.

Q2.3  Perform the truss arrangement assuming the members are beams,  i.e. joints are rigid and members are
carrying bending stresses using ANSYS or STRAND7 and list the solution's axial forces.  Compare your results with
the manually calculated values.




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