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Leaving the deserts as you approach the tropical regions of the earth you will enter the savanna biome, which is a combination of grassland with scattered or clumped trees. These special kinds of grasslands often border tropical rain forests. The climate is warm having 100 -150 cm annual rainfall, with prolonged dry season in which fires are common. The rains are errat ic.

These grasslands have scattered trees, that do not form canopy in any part of savanna. Trees are up to 20 m height, with thick, deciduous or evergreen leaves. Grasses may attain height of 1 -1.5 m and support a great variety of grazing animals. The largest savanna is found in the African continent. They also occur in Australia and South America and cover nearly 8 percent of the earth's land. The most prominent animals of this biome are large grazing animals such as giraffes, antelopes, elep hants, buffalo and predators such as lions and cheetahs.

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