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using a dfd and a processing narrative,describe computer based system that can distinct transform flow characteristics.Define flow boundaries map the dfd into a software architecture using transform mapping.

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QUESTION - Fault Tolerance (a) Three computers together provide a replicated service. The manufacturers claim that each computer has a mean time between failure of five days; a

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Consider a program that registers students for different programs. The students fill up a form and submit it. This is sent to the departments for confirmation. Once it is confirmed

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What is Peer Reviews? Ans) A methodical examination of software work products by the producer's peers to recognize defects and areas where changes are required.

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Question 1 A) If you are a software engineer you must be expert in the field of hardware, software  and also database. It has been listed by the industry professionals that time a

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Throw-away prototyping Objective: The principal objective of this model is to validate or to derive the system needs. It is developed to decrease requirement risks.

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how to get values from list

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What is meant by System Requirements Set out the system constraints and services in well explained. Serves as a contract among the system buyer & the system developer.

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What are the virtues of incremental model? i. The incremental model can be adopted when there are less number of persons associated with the project. ii. Technical risks can

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