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How do we get electricity even when the gates of a dam were closed?

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Measure the ultimate settlement due to pumping, A clay stratum of 18 metres...

A clay stratum of 18 metres thickness was found above a sand stratum when a boring was made. The clay was consolidated under the present overburden pressure. The hydrostatic pressu

Functioning of a septic tank in a sewerage disposal system, Q. Write short ...

Q. Write short notes on the following : a) Points to be kept in mind while collecting water samples for testing from tap, stream & T/well separately. b) Where and why foot

How we can check caisson is stable or not, A box caisson, 10 m high, is 18 ...

A box caisson, 10 m high, is 18 m × 9 m at the base. The weight of the caisson is 9 MN and its centre of gravity is 4.2 m above the base. Check whether the Caisson is stable. If

Flow, what is maximum flood level

what is maximum flood level

Settlement due to deterioration, Q. Settlement due to Deterioration? Th...

Q. Settlement due to Deterioration? The deterioration of foundation concrete will result in the vicinity of sulphates, chlorides and chemically contaminated soils. Due to deter

Load carrying element of min-piles, Q. A pipe or groups of bars be adopted ...

Q. A pipe or groups of bars be adopted as load carrying element of min-piles? The design of mini-piles someway differs from other traditional pile types. For example the design

Explain subcritical flow and supercritical flow, Explain Subcritical flow a...

Explain Subcritical flow and Supercritical flow Subcritical flow: The depth of flow is greater than critical depth and the velocity of the fluid is slow. Also termed "tranquil"

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