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Use the infomation beow tassess how much money Dave and Jane will be able to give to charity. They plan toma them in two sizes, small and large. Dave will carve them from wood. Small boomerangs takes 2 hours to carve,Large boomerangs takes 3 hours to make. Dave has a total of 24 hours available for carving.Jane will decorate them and only has time to decorate 10 boomerangs of either size. The small boomerangs will sell for $8 for charity and the large ones will sell fr $10 for charity.
Q1: What equations would you use to represent this information?
Q2: Use two of the equations to create a system of equations.
Q3: Use Graphing, Substitution nd Elimination to solve the system.
Q4: What do the answers in Q3 represent in terms of the given scenario?
Q5: How much money will Dave and Jane raise for charity?

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