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How can i print this help me pls

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Dec-arithmetic instruction-microprocessor, DEC:  Decrement :- The decremen...

DEC:  Decrement :- The decrement instruction subtracts 1 from the contents of the particular memory location or register. All the conditions code flags except carry flag are affec

External hardware-interrupts-microprocessor, External Hardware-Interrupts ...

External Hardware-Interrupts External hardware-interrupts are generated by controllers of external devices or coprocessors and are connected to the processor pin for Non Mask a

Digital and embedded software, hi!im looking for someone who expert in an a...

hi!im looking for someone who expert in an assembly language and help me write the programmed!Thank you

Type of microprocessor , Type of Microprocessor : Microprocessors fal...

Type of Microprocessor : Microprocessors fall into 3 categories: Single Chip Microcomputers: - Contains RWM, ROM, microprocessor, I/O port, timer and clock. General pu

Program to average ten 16-bit values, Write a MC68HC12 assembly language pr...

Write a MC68HC12 assembly language program to average ten 16-bit values that are stored starting at address $1100. Place the two-byte result at $1110. Use indexed addressing. Us

Intel 8259 interrupt controller-microprocessor, Intel 8259 interrupt contro...

Intel 8259 interrupt controller :  The 8088 processor has only two interrupt control inputs, and interrupt request (INTR) and non mask able interrupt (NMI). NMI are interrupts t

Segment registers-microprocessor, Segment Registers The 8086 addresses ...

Segment Registers The 8086 addresses a segmented memory unlike 8085. The complete 1 megabyte memory, which 8086 is capable to address is divided into 16 logical segments.Thusea

maximim and minimum mode 8088-microprocessor, Maximim and Minimum mode 808...

Maximim and Minimum mode 8088 system : In the maximum mode, the pin 880 is lastingly high. The functions and timings of other pins of 8088 are exactly similar to 8086. Due to t

Bcsl-022, define accounting.briefly explain the accounting concepts which g...

define accounting.briefly explain the accounting concepts which guide the accountant at the recording stage.

Call-unconditional branch instruction-microprocessor, CALL : Unconditional...

CALL : Unconditional Call:- This instruction is utilized to call a subroutine from a basic program. In case of assembly language programming, the term procedure is utilized int

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