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(a) Compare the two- and three-tier Web client-server architectures, and indicate the role of each tier in each architecture. Which architecture is the most likely candidate for an electronic commerce site?

(b) Micheal Barton operates a small Web business, The Cannonball, which sells parts, repair kits, books, and accessories to hobbyists who restore antique model trains. Many model train hobbyists and collectors have created Web sites on which they share photos and other information about model trains. Micheal is interested in creating an affiliate marketing program that would allow those hobbyists to place links on their sites to the Cannonball and to be rewarded with commissions on sales that result from visitors following those links.
What are the different recommendations you would suggest to Micheal in achieving his goal?

(c) What are the factors that would cause a company to continue doing business in traditional ways and avoid electronic commerce?

(d) Germany and China have laws that prohibit the use of certain kinds of political speech and adult images in the conduct of commerce. Each of these countries has recently taken steps to enforce these laws by prosecuting firms and individuals that violate them while conducting electronic commerce. Outline the problems that such enforcement actions can create for firms and their non-German and non-Chinese customers who engage in electronic commerce.

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