The f-wald test, Advanced Statistics

Primary Model

Below is a regression analysis without 17 outliers that have been removed

Regression Analysis: wfood versus totexp, income, age, nk

The regression equation is

wfood = 0.378 - 0.00129 totexp - 0.000054 income + 0.00170 age + 0.0317 nk

Predictor              Coef       SE Coef           T          P         VIF

Constant         0.37816     0.01356         27.89  0.000

totexp         -0.00128554  0.00006284  -20.46  0.000    1.324

income        -0.00005410  0.00004950   -1.09   0.275    1.341

age              0.0016993    0.0003058      5.56   0.000    1.065

nk                0.031717      0.004676        6.78   0.000    1.007

S = 0.0880161   R-Sq = 28.0%   R-Sq(adj) = 27.8%

Analysis of Variance

Source               DF       SS          MS         F           P

Regression         4      4.5159    1.1290  145.73  0.000

Residual Error   1497  11.5970   0.0077

  Lack of Fit       1328   10.1731  0.0077    0.91  0.806

  Pure Error        169    1.4239    0.0084

Total                  1501  16.1129


Secondary Model

Below is a regression analysis without 17 outliers that have been removed and dropping the income variable   

Regression Analysis: wfood versus totexp, age, nk

The regression equation is

wfood = 0.376 - 0.00132 totexp + 0.00165 age + 0.0317 nk

Predictor         Coef     SE Coef       T      P    VIF

Constant       0.37593     0.01341   28.04  0.000

totexp     -0.00131710  0.00005581  -23.60  0.000  1.045

age          0.0016462   0.0003019    5.45  0.000  1.038

nk            0.031672    0.004676    6.77  0.000  1.007

S = 0.0880218   R-Sq = 28.0%   R-Sq(adj) = 27.8%

Analysis of Variance

Source               DF       SS          MS          F           P

Regression         3       4.5067   1.5022   193.89  0.000

Residual Error   1498  11.6063  0.0077

  Lack of Fit       644    4.9570    0.0077    0.99     0.560

  Pure Error      854     6.6493    0.0078

Total               1501    16.1129

The Null Hypothesis - H0: No difference between the primary and secondary model

1465_The F-Wald Test.png

Since the F value is 1.2005 < 3.8477 there is sufficient evidence to suggest that we accept H0 implying that there is no difference between the primary and secondary model and income can be removed.

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