Techniques of representing polynomials using arrays, Data Structure & Algorithms

Q. Explain any three methods or techniques of representing polynomials using arrays. Write which method is most efficient or effective for representing the following polynomials.






The three methods or techniques of representing polynomials using arrays is given as follows

(1) if maximum value of exponent of a polynomial is m then describe an array of size m+1 and store coefficient in corresponding index position or location as exponent. Ex:

2x2 +1 is stored as


(2) The one-dimensional  array  is  used  to  store  exponent  and  coefficient alternatively. Ex: 2x2 +1 is stored as


The  size  of  array  needed  is  2*n  where  n  is  the  number  of  elements  in


(3) Use  two dimensional arrays  or  one-dimensional  array  of  structures  one  for  storing exponents and other for co-efficient.

Ex: 2x2 +1 is stored as


The size of arrays is 2*n where n is the number of the elements in polynomial. (i)  The second and third methods or techniques are the efficient methods.

For saving 8x100+10x+6  , as in method 1 there is a requirement of 101 integer locations.

(ii) 8x3-7x2+5x+15 for this polynomial any one of the representations can be used, but method or technique 1 will be best as there is only coefficients required to be stored. There are no gaps in the exponents; hence the complete array will be filled with the coefficients.

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