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what are the adaptive features of this fish

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Explain signal hypothesis, A classical secretory protein vary from a cytoso...

A classical secretory protein vary from a cytosolic protein by having a sequence about 13-35 amino acids long at its N-terminal end called as a signal peptide or signal sequence.

Explain diet from lifestyle risk factors, Explain diet from Lifestyle Risk ...

Explain diet from Lifestyle Risk Factors ? The lifestyle factors are the way of living of an individual and comprise of the diet, smoking, alcohol, physical activity and stress

Phylum protozoa, what is the phylum protozoa and when he was discover

what is the phylum protozoa and when he was discover

In high altitudes is it necessary for the blood to have more, In high altit...

In high altitudes is it necessary for the blood to have more or less hemoglobin? In high altitudes the air is rarefied and oxygen concentration is lower than in low altitudes.

Describe protocol that are used for endotracheal intubation, Describe Proto...

Describe Protocol that are used for Endotracheal Intubation in ICU Intubation is a three person procedure; skilled assistance is mandatory: • "Top end" intubator who coordi

Practical preparation - qualitative test for monosaccharides, Define Practi...

Define Practical Preparation - Qualitative Test for Monosaccharides? 1. Wear your labcoat. Make sure your hair is tied and you have no loose clothing. These can be dangerous in

Hospitalization, Hospitalization Hospitalization is stressful experien...

Hospitalization Hospitalization is stressful experience  for children,  adolescents  and their families.  It is an interruption  of the child's active cycle of growth and deve

Explain about the protein-energy ratio, Explain about the Protein-Energy Ra...

Explain about the Protein-Energy Ratio (NDP Cal%)? Platt and his colleagues (1961) are largely responsible for the introduction of the ratio of protein energy to total energy (

Illustrate the statment periodic access to food, Recognition comment: R...

Recognition comment: Recognises that food searching activity is more strongly controlled by access to food than light  through statements such as: birds always anticipat

Explain procedure for temporary mounts of fungal culture, Explain Procedure...

Explain Procedure for Temporary Mounts of Fungal Culture? (1) Observe mould culture for the colonial appearance and colour. Also observe the underside. (2) Label the clean,

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