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how to defined work from whole to the part

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Force systems and equlibrium, write short notes about force systems and equ...

write short notes about force systems and equilibrium

Explain total dynamic head (tdh), Total Dynamic Head: (TDH) y-axis plo...

Total Dynamic Head: (TDH) y-axis plot point related to each x-axis flow rate along the system curve plot. TDH = h a = TSH + h f + v 2 /2g       v 2 / 2g usually small

Physical classification of stones, Physical Classification Based on the...

Physical Classification Based on the structure, the rocks can be classified as following: Stratified rocks Un -stratified rocks A.   Stratified Rocks: These ro

Gas welding be erected in upright position, Question Explain some reaso...

Question Explain some reasons why should acetylene gas cylinders used for gas welding be erected in upright position? Answer Acetylene gas is usually used for gas wel

Bitumen, unit of kinematic viscosity

unit of kinematic viscosity

Chemistry, discuss various chemical reactions involved in lime soda process...

discuss various chemical reactions involved in lime soda process ?

Abc, uses concrete slump test

uses concrete slump test

Point of virtual fixity of lateral loading for piles, Point of virtual fixi...

Point of virtual fixity and critical length of lateral loading for piles Some engineers can get confused about the difference between the two terms which are point of virtual

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