Strategy of how to implement your strategy successfully, Management Theories

Assignment for Project Management

1.      Pick the environment and the idea followed by a strategy of how to implement your strategy successfully.


1.      Define your project idea

2.       WBS

3.      Risk Assessment

4.      Risk Matrix

My idea: Promote Gross Sales Revenue in a Call Center in Sales Department by:

1.      Using promotions "try product for free for first 3 months" , " try product for free for a month"

a.       What is the strategy, execution, possible risks

b.      Verbiage, agent attitude/approach =customer attitude/approach-> education of how to approach customer, what is the latest product, etc.

2.       Leadership motivation/participation

a.       What is the strategy, execution, possible risks

a.       How to motivate agents and leadership, how to keep them stay motivated-> different approaches: incentives, raffles, recognition, meeting, etc.

Risk assessment

All staff working in the call centre could be adversely affected by factors such as lack of control or no control over timing/frequency of incoming calls, or verbal abuse from customers. To overcome such harmful effects of working in a call centre the manager or the leader should set call targets which are realistic and can be done in normal span of office hours. They should be properly equipped with all modern equipments and trainings regarding their work profile. Managers should be approachable and should be able to solve the problems of their staff  members regarding their pay, training or any other work related problem. They should be properly trained for dealing with the verbal abuse of the customers. It is very important to understand customer psychology for his disappointment with the company's products or services. It is expected for a customer to explain their irritation and express frustration. Remaining calm is the best policy to handle such a situation. Respecting customers notion as customers are always right, put forward your viewpoint after listening him. Always let the customer know what you can do for them rather than what you can't do. Try to give a solution to the problem and ask the customer if he is okay with such a solution and if yes implement it at the earliest .This will calm down the agitation of the customers. Such training of handling customers with patience and care should be repeatedly provided by the managers or team leaders .As this is the recurring problem faced by the team members of the call canters.

Employee reward and recognition programs are one method of motivating employees to change work habits to benefit the company. Many leaders  look for ways to reward cooperation between departments and individuals in a call centre by way of  Bonuses, profit sharing, and stock options reward to the team  and for their group accomplishments.. This encourages individual efforts toward common business goals, they also tend to reward underperforming employees along with regular and above-average employees. A reward program which recognizes individual achievements in addition to team performance can provide extra incentive for employees

Other risks associated with working in the call centre are :

Staff could suffer hearing impairment if open to the high noise levels for long periods. The action  to be taken is to provide regular training on volume control.

Staff who are handling calls  may suffer voice problems, including voice loss. Staff must be trained to clean voice tube and position their microphone correctly.

Staff may suffer posture problems and pain, discomfort or injuries from improper use, or from poorly designed workstations. Headaches or sore eyes can occur due to long hours of continuous working in front of the computer. Supervisors to make sure staff continue to get .breaks away from the screen and the workstation must be equipped with proper sitting postures.

To conclude main aim of the call centre is to create long term contract with the clients and establishing a well functioning long-term relationship with them to generate business and obtain a good brand name. Such promotional offers will help to increase the revenue of the company and will help in keeping contact with the customers.

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