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Centrifugal Filter and Screen Filter Cleaning :  Oil may contain impurities. Since the oil passes through all the engine parts, the impurities may harm the parts and cause improper functioning of the engine parts. The centrifugal filter and screen filter serve to separate the impurities from the oil; hence it avoids clogging of the oil filter. It is essential to clean the oil filters periodically.


  • Drain the engine oil thoroughly.
  • Remove the kick-starter pedal, muffler; disconnect the clutch cable and rider footrest.
  • Remove the right crankcase cover.
  • Remove the oil filter screen and wash it in high flash point solvent.
  • Reinstall the filter screen.
  • Sharp edged portion of the screen filter is inserted inwards while installing the screen filter into the crankcase.
  • Remove the centrifugal filter cover and clean the centrifugal filter with high flash point solvent.
  • Reinstall the centrifugal filter cover, right crankcase cover, rider footrest, muffler and kick starter pedal.
  • Fill the crankcase with clean engine oil.

Important points to remember :

  • Clean oil filter and screen filter with high flash point solvent.
  • Be careful while cleaning the rotor filter, so that kerosene does not reach the crankshaft.
  • Ensure that rotor filter castle nut is tightened by using torque wrench.

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