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A complete motor neuron is deleted from a frog and placed in a large volume of normal physiological saline. 

The neuron is healthy; it has a stable resting voltage of -70 millivolts.  It is not producing any action potentials; its threshold for an action potential is -50 millivolts.  The neuron's plasma membrane has GABAA, GABAB, and glycine receptors.  The equilibrium potential for chloride ions is -70 millivolts and the equilibrium potential for potassium ions is -90 millivolts.

A. The addition of GABA to the physiological saline will lead to reduce in the amount of intracellular chloride.

B. The addition of glycine to the physiological saline will lead to no change in the amount of intracellular chloride.

C. The addition of GABA to the physiological saline will lead to an enhance in the amount of intracellular potassium.


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