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State Articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 4 - 'No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and slave trade shall be abolished in all their forms.' - Slavery no longer exists in the true sense of the word. There may be relationships similar to a master/slave relationship on the surface, but they are different and come under the ambit of different treaties.

Article  5 -  'No  one  shall  be  subjected to  torture  or  to  cruel,  inhuman or degrading  treatment  or  punishment.'  -  Whenever  action  is  taken  against  a person, they cannot be treated in an inhuman or degrading way. Punishment ought not to be administered in such a perverse manner that it is degrading to human dignity. An example of a violation of this article is the pictures released of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were shown to be treated in a very degrading manner.

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