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Future of the intranet


At present, the world of information technology is guided bythe C3 paradigm that stands for Command, Control and Communication, which is normally used for military applications and strategies. These techniques are poised to become obsolete with the advent of Intranets and shall no longer remain the driving forces in companies.

The talk of the day starts with another C3 paradigm that stands for Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration. And this is what is available in store for the future. It emphasises better support and interaction towards a common goal between various activities within an organisation.

And this is possible through the Intranet technology, which is helping in redefining the whole new world of computing thereby making integration a buzzword for everyone.

As stated by experts that it is "because the browser has evolved far beyond its original uses, it may well become the universal interface to all information resources in the future". As Internet technology expands, it follows that Intranets must necessarily benefit from these advances as the technology is shared. "The result will be the increased integration of corporate data-access systems with inter-corporate communication systems and corporate-customer communications".



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