Some guidelines for bibliography entries , Operation Research

Some Guidelines  for Bibliography Entries

1.Reference of a Back  by One Authors : Mention authors  name book title ( in italics hence  to be  underlined) city  publication publisher  name  date of publication ( to be given  in the  same order).

2.Reference to a Particular Chapter in a Book Written  by Two Authors : Authors  names ( names  of the  main authors  entered  with  surname first  and those of other authors  written  with  given  name  or initials  first chapter title  in quotes book title  city  of publication publisher  name  date  of publication.

3.Magazine  Article: Authors  name  title  of article  magazine  name  volume  and issue  numbers data of  issue  relevant page  numbers.

4.Reports of Technical Paper: Authors  name title  of report, report number name of  company or organization  publishing  the report date of report.

5.Correspondence : Names of sender and receiver  details  of their  respective  organization and  data of  letter.

6.A Second Edition of a Book  by More than Two  Authors : Enter only  primary  author name  and publisher  name. 



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