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Defination of Propositionl logic
Predicate logic
genertic algorithm
Hybrid system
Fuzzy system rules
Fuzzy system application

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Department (DeptNo, DeptName, Office, Phone) Employee (EmpNo, FirstName, LastName, JobTitle, HireDate, Salary, MgrNo, Deptno) Customer (CustNo, CompanyName, Street, City, State, Zi

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Question (a) What is a view? (b) Can we use a view to insert or update a record into a table? Do we have any limitation to perform the above command? (c) The syntax to cr

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The architecture of the x86 processors forces with the use of memory segments to direct the information, the size of these segments is of 64kb. The cause of being of these segments

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Array: Array  :  In programming, when large amount of related data needs to be processed and each data element is stored with different a variable name, it becomes very diffic

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classify computer system according to capacity. how they are different from computer according to the classification of technology.provide the comparative study also.

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I. Write an application that accomplishes the following tasks: 1. Read a text file that contains, integers, doubles, alphabet, alphanumeric, and others. The name of the input fil

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Understanding human intelligence in social AI can be taken as just the current tool in the philosopher's toolbox for answering of questions for the behaviour of human intellig

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Systems Life Cycle Approach Systems Analysis and Design follows a life cycle for development, as shown below. Brief discussion on this approach is given here: Figure

Development of UNIX , Development of UNIX: The original UNIX developme...

Development of UNIX: The original UNIX development was performed on a Digital PDP-7 minicomputer and later moved to a PDP-11 minicomputer, the forerunner of the VAX computer.

Special-purpose and general-purpose computers, SPECIAL-PURPOSE AND GENERAL-...

SPECIAL-PURPOSE AND GENERAL-PURPOSE COMPUTERS In general, there are two types of digital computers. The first is the special-purpose digital computer, which performs a f

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