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Q. Show the categories of Web browser?

The two basic categories of Web browser are:

• Text-only browsers: A text-only browser like Lynx allows you to view Web pages without showing art or page structure. Basically, you look at ASCII text on a screen. Advantage of a text-only browser is that it displays Web pages very fast. There's no waiting for multimedia downloads.

• Graphical browsers: To enjoy multimedia aspect of the Web, you should use a graphical browser like Netscape Navigator or NCSA Mosaic. Graphical browsers can show pictures, play sounds and even run video clips. The disadvantage is that multimedia files, especially graphics, generally take a long time to download. Graphical browsers are likely to be significantly slower than their text-only counterparts. And this waiting time can be stretched even further with slow connections or heavy online traffic.

Numerous different browsers are available for exploring the Internet. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the two most popular browsers. Both of these are graphical browsers that means they can display text as well as graphics.

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