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Q. Show example of COPY command?

This COPY command copies the REPORT file from the drive C to the disk in drive A. after copying the file in drive A, it will name the new file (in drive A)too REPORT. Now consider the following commands:

               C :\> COPY A: CHAPTER1.DOC C:

               C :\> COPY A: CHAPTER1. DOC C:\WORD

The first command copies the chapter1.DOC file from drive A to the current directory in drive C. as the root directory is selected in drive C(prompt is 'C:\>'), it copies the file to the root directory in drive C. the next command copies the file to the WORD directory in drive C.

In all examples discussed above the COPY command assigns the same name to the copied file as the source file name. Notice that in these COPY commands, you did not specify any filename with destination. That is why the COPY command assigned the source file name to the copied files. However if you like, you can assign a new name to the copied file for example,

                 C :\> COPY C: REPORT A: SALESREP

Will copy the REPORT file from the drive C to drive A and will assign SALESREP as the file name to the copied file.

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