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Q. A Silicon Transistor Whose Common Emitter Output Characteristics Are Shown  In Dig Is Used In The Circuit With

Vcc=22.5v, Rc=5.6k, Re=1k, R2=10k, And R1=90k.

For This Transistor b=55.Find The Q Point.

In many cases transistor characteristics are not available but b is known .Then the calculation of Q point is carried out as shown.

1411_Show Common Emitter Output Characteristics.png

We know that




Kirchoffs voltage law applied to the collector and base circuits respectively yields

-22.5 + 6.6Ic + Ib+ Vce=0.



-1.60 + Ic+ 10 / 55Ic=0.

Ic = 1.36mA

Ib = 24.8mA

Also we know that

-22.5 + 6.6*1.36 + 0.025 + Vce=0.



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